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New Jersey Social Entrepreneurship Summit

Summit for Business, Nonprofit, Academic, and Government Leaders

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Closing Remarks #NJSocEnt

Funding Social Ventures Afternoon Session Part 1 #NJSocEnt

Panel of New Jersey Social Innovation Fellows Part 8 #NJSocEnt

Panel of New Jersey Social Innovation Fellows Part 6 #NJSocEnt

Panel of New Jersey Social Innovation Fellows Part 5 #NJSocEnt

Interviews, videos and photos from the event are being updated throughout the day.

Photos From the Summit

    What is Social Entrepreneurship?

    Social entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship that integrates social goals and social or environmental problem solving into its core business model.  Employing this unique model simultaneously creates economic and social value in the community.    Social entrepreneurs create organizations and companies that we call social ventures.  Sometimes these social ventures are affiliated with nonprofit organizations but are run as companies (social enterprises);  sometimes they are independent companies devoted to using business to affect positive social and/or environmental change (social businesses).  In all cases, these social ventures, are making a difference in the way we think about solving social/environmental problems, implement business and create jobs.

    New Jersey Social Entrepreneurship Summit - Thursday, May 24 at the Livingston Student Center

    The purpose of this summit is to raise the profile of social entrepreneurship in New Jersey by bringing leaders of the social sector and entrepreneurs who address social and environmental problems in their businesses together to learn from and support one another.  We are particularly interested in bringing together leaders who are tackling these social and environmental issues in New Jersey and encouraging these social entrepreneurs or would-be social entrepreneurs to use innovative, sustainable, and profitable business ventures and social impact organizations as their vehicle for long-term change.

    The Summit will take place from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Livingston Student Center. During the summit, the press conference will take place to announce the New Jersey Social Innovation Institute.


    Registration opens
    Opening Session
    A Conversation with Brenda Palms-Barber, CEO, Sweet Beginnings LLC
    Networking break

    Breakout Session #1

    • Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
    • Funding Social Ventures
    • Panel of NJ Social Entrepreneurs
    Lunch* and Networking Activities
    Announcements & Recognitions
    Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship Panel
    Kyle Westaway, Westaway Law, the Law Firm for Social Entrepreneurs Nancy Eberhardt, NJ Director, Probono Partnership
    Moderated by Edward LaPorte, Executive Director of the NJ Office of Faith Based Initiatives
    Networking Break

    Breakout Session #2

    • Social Venture Planning and Measurement
    • Funding Social Ventures
    • Panel of NJ Social Entrepreneurs
    A Conversation about Social Impact Investment and Measurement
    Closing Remarks
    * A boxed lunch is included with your registration.

    About CUEED

    The Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development was founded in 2008 with the following mission: to build a world-class research-driven, education, and practitioner-oriented urban entrepreneurship and economic development program that will transform the economy of Newark and other urban centers, create wealth in urban communities, and be a model for all urban universities.

    CUEED's vision is to be recognized locally and throughout the world as the leading Center for innovative thinking and research for entrepreneurial activity in urban environments. We work across constituencies to create new knowledge and tools that build thriving urban communities here and abroad.

    May 24, 2012

    Livingston Student Center

    84 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854

    Interviews, videos and photos from the event are being updated throughout the day.

    Registration Fee $35.
    Includes continental breakfast, lunch. and refreshments.

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